Independent Architecture is a Denver based office with projects around the world. Its personnel approach each project with a mix of curiosity, intellectualism, and experience that enables them to create thoughtful and unusual objects and environments.

The office choreographs the interplay of design and pop culture to create projects that advance architectural thinking while appealing to broad audiences. This approach includes developing new forms of suburban architecture, designing provocative contexts for viewing art, and modifying ordinary objects and materials to make offbeat buildings. Built work includes galleries, a dormitory, and houses, among other building types.
Paul Andersen founded Independent in 2009. He shapes the office’s agenda and practice, conducting design projects in professional and academic contexts. He was appointed a Fulbright Specialist in Architecture, teaches at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and has previously been on the architecture faculties of the Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, the Harvard Graduate School of Design, and Cornell University. He has been a guest curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver and the Biennial of the Americas, and is a co-author of The Architecture of Patterns, Curve Culture, and The Monuments Power the Cars. Paul is a licensed architect.